Storm the House 2

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Protect the house and buy upgrades.

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Played 132,594 times since 07.29.06
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4.59 Stars, 94 Votes

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lol 100 gunz iznt much help after a while x_X but... getz borin wen chu get over 100 gunz... sooo... yea x_X
#38 by PeaceOut on 12.23.10
I was beaasten i got to day 186
#37 by CATDOG10 on 12.08.09
im invincible got over 100 gun men and over 10 workers
#36 by Sonic_Wave on 09.14.09
cool game..but after a long gets boring 4/5
#35 by I_like_pie on 03.12.09
awesome game!!! never wanted to stop playing.
#34 by Gatorfan120 on 02.28.09
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