Straw Hat Samurai 2

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kinda pointless o,O
#17 by PeaceOut on 12.17.10
its cool
#16 by DARIEL on 10.01.10
#15 by Saru-bushi on 09.03.10
nice game
#14 by FBI_AGENT_KURBAN on 07.18.10
fun n cool
#13 by Anubis666 on 06.10.10
It's a fun game, quite addicting, same as you though I have also beat it on AG.
#12 by Tys206 on 05.08.10
its an ok game beat it on addicting games before
#11 by Furrygod on 05.01.10
muy bueno
#10 by K-KHRISTIAN on 04.23.10
I agree with Lyonn. Easy kills though, lol.
#9 by Miril181 on 04.07.10
#8 by Duwell on 03.27.10
#7 by Viperjosh on 03.27.10
this is tight
#6 by XrAt3D on 03.27.10
Kinda good, but there is little or no strategy involved. Click click click, boring.
#5 by Iyonn on 03.26.10
its nice.
#4 by Sweetbloom on 03.22.10
#3 by Kings on 03.21.10
u cant jump it is not fun
#2 by Hobosrock on 03.21.10
awesome game
#1 by Ryen17 on 03.21.10
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