Street Fighter Flash

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A sprite rip of Street Fighter. The animation and controls are not good as usual, but the sprites look good and the game play is decent.

←↑→↓   Move
1   Low Kick
2   High Kick
4   Low Punch
5   High Punch
7   Run
8   Roll

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Sponsored by Philippe Julien
Played 320,132 times since 05.30.05
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4.49 Stars, 82 Votes

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Dan, Ken, and Gouki FTW!!!
#36 by D_macho on 11.20.09
I'm Buying The Toy NECA Version Of Ken At Toys R Us For $10.00 Buck's
#35 by Mariomario887 on 08.05.09
#34 by Shane117 on 07.15.09
I remember when i first palyed in 06! Its good but no Street fighter online
#33 by D_macho on 07.05.09
this game still ROX.and i first played it in 2006.
#32 by Reaper911 on 06.21.09
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