Stunt Dirt Bike

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Jump cars and other obstacles with your dirt bike.

UP/DOWN   Speed Forward/Backward
LEFT/RIGHT   Lean Left/Right
P   Pause
R   Restart

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Played 699 times since 01.30.09
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3.39 Stars, 46 Votes

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pretty good
#25 by PeaceOut on 12.17.10
ummmm 4/5
#24 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
alan, u would always rather be playing sims 3
#23 by LilWaynesLove on 04.03.10
its got its moments
#22 by LilWaynesLove on 02.06.10
id rather be playing the sims 3
#21 by Alan0777 on 01.10.10
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