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Fight off the enemy ships in this fast paced arcade game! Follow the mouse or press the space bar to anchor yourself in the middle of the screen. Collect powerups and shoot enemies in succession to get combos and score big.

Move the mouse to move your ship, click or hold the
mouse to shoot. Press space to anchor and move the
mouse to aim your shots.

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Submitted by Benweitzman
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Played 1,385 times since 01.25.08
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2.64 Stars, 14 Votes

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#4 by WILDHOGG on 02.25.09
Ok game. Basically the only good thing about it is the music. Music ROCKS!!!!!!! It's oldish-style shooting on grids so it's got a LITTLE bit of classicishness in it.
#3 by Drovoxx on 03.25.08
I call do you pronounce Subluceo
#2 by Dark-Vegito on 03.24.08
#1 by LEAFYBUG on 03.11.08
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