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Classic and original sudoku.

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Played 12,156 times since 10.02.06
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4.09 Stars, 33 Votes

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i have never palyed sudoku
#16 by Ryen17 on 12.22.09
friggin awesome
#15 by Brianna on 11.23.08
i do sudoku in the newspaper and now i can do it on gamebrew. Awsome!!
#14 by ClassySweetSassy on 05.26.08
Sudoku is a game by itself, and I mean on paper. But you guys made it 10 times better by adding graphics, and
music to go along with it. Im sure the Sudoku fans will never stop playing this game, because I know already
that this game is going straight to my Favorite game list.
#13 by Austin_Carleton on 05.24.08
#12 by Viper_752 on 05.19.08
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