Super Fighter

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Defeat them and become the super fighter!

   Jump Up
   Low Kick
N   Walk Left
M   Walk Right

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Played 48,044 times since 01.04.06
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3.38 Stars, 32 Votes

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its iiight.wish der were mo ppl.that ghost twin guy must hav alot of bros level 55 level 57 etc.
#20 by -JiPsIc3b10Ck- on 04.14.10
#19 by Max578 on 11.15.09
easy peasy
#18 by 123ssp on 08.20.09
#17 by Jacob711 on 08.02.09
Its all right but its kinda too easy and there are no different people to choose from and you fight the same guy
#16 by Lesane on 07.09.09
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