Super Flash Mario Bros

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Just like the original game, so its more fun to play! Make your way through each level confronting the evil creatures and reach the flag to proceed to the next level. But hurry up as the time is running out!

←→   Move Around
   Jump Up
   Crouch Down

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Played 2,062,094 times since 09.02.05
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4.57 Stars, 181 Votes

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#89 by Lolmerocker on 05.12.11
Its fun . A little hard at the begining but once you get the hang of it , its a good game . 4/5
#88 by LounaRedHed on 01.02.11
i cant even make it to the next side!
#87 by Candace on 02.13.10
4/5 its got its moments
#86 by LilWaynesLove on 12.29.09
i love it
#85 by Star on 10.14.09
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