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Super M to the rescue! Ms M has been kidnapped by evil forces in Mouse city. It seems like every time you save her, she is kidnapped yet again! Your objective is to fly through the city and save Ms M again and again. Watch out for buildings or anything else as you fly - hitting them hurts. Try to pick up super-conductor coins that are floating at various points in the game - they will give you bonus points! Saving Ms M at the end of each level will give you an extra life. Finally and most importantly, saving Ms M becomes more critical as you progress through the levels - so you will be flying much faster each time - you will need a steady hand and a strong heart. Good luck Super M, may the cheese be with you!

Mouse to move around.

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
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Played 37,357 times since 11.29.07
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i looovve this game it is awsome awsome awsome 100/100
#29 by Hayden234 on 01.15.11
#28 by Joshuatait1 on 08.06.10
I like this game 5\5
#27 by Gamegirl5263 on 07.06.10
#26 by Iyonn on 04.22.10
#25 by I_like_pie on 09.13.09
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