Super Mario Bros Deluxe

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The classic Nintendo game, move Mario through the worlds and encounter all kinds of mushroom baddies. You can knock them out by jumping on top of them or hitting them from underneath. This was created with an Emulator by David Winchurch not Gamebrew!

Click inside the game first. Sorry there are no sound effects for this game.

↑→↓←   Move
ENTER   Start
SHIFT   Select
Z/X   Button 1 / Button 2
-/+   Faster / Slower

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Sponsored by Nintendo (Emulator by David Winchurch)
Played 4,691,354 times since 11.03.04
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Game Rating
4.62 Stars, 310 Votes

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Favorited 204 times

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very fun, and awesome
#124 by Satanichappiness on 03.10.12
On the second level there is a warp zone.
#123 by Catlover7575 on 06.07.10
this game is hard
#122 by LucyDiamond on 05.03.10
huzzah 4 mario!
#121 by PaneldeStar on 04.27.10
mad dope
#120 by -JiPsIc3b10Ck- on 04.11.10
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