Super Mario Revived

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Another small remake of the classic game. Pass through each board by grabbing all the bonus items and beat the enemies.

←→   Move Left And Right
SPACE   Jump Up

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Played 1,304,488 times since 10.12.05
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4.08 Stars, 103 Votes

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it is so slow ew
#53 by Lolmerocker on 05.12.11
In the 2nd level, that sunspot always takes me out. Either this game was made wrong, or I am just terrible at this, even though I pwn sonic games.
#52 by Achilleswashere on 02.03.11
this iz ez
#51 by Cutie123 on 02.27.10
#50 by Cutie123 on 02.12.10
slow fake mario weres the real mario
#49 by Sexy_ria on 01.29.10
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