Super Mario World

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Mushrooms have been killed by Mario without any reason for many years…Mario enjoys the killing and never concerns eco-balance...Only Mario Eater can save the mushrooms and protect the world! Time to go eaters! Eat as many Marios as you can!

Mouse = Move
Left Mouse Button/ Space Bar = Eat

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Submitted by Funnaut
Sponsored by funnaut
Played 274 times since 03.06.09
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Game Rating
3.66 Stars, 38 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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If it involves killing Mario,it's automattically bad.BOOOOOO!
#16 by Mariopwnzsonicxp on 02.19.11
stupid Boring and weirrd get rid of it 0/5
#15 by Firesky on 03.03.10
kinda stupid
#14 by Hattrik55 on 08.09.09
funny but easy game
#13 by RiottimePMP06 on 08.08.09
ehhhhhhhhhhh 2/5
#12 by Nunyabizz on 07.29.09
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