Super Race

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It's the first intergalactic race for super heroes. Select your Super and race to win!

Arrow keys to move around. Space to accelerate.

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
Sponsored by FreeWorldGroup
Played 107 times since 09.25.08
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2.57 Stars, 14 Votes

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1/5 for my rating
#8 by Ryen17 on 02.14.10
hate it.
#7 by Avii on 11.04.08
it okay
#6 by Superman1992 on 10.31.08
It is an okay game it was really easy, but then you get bored of it !2/5
#5 by Google on 10.29.08
i hate the turns
#4 by Michael233 on 10.29.08
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