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A fully interactive Sims-style 3d room designer that works all inside your web browser. Place your pet dog along side your brand new big screen TV! Change the floor and the walls however you want.

To Enter edit mode click on any of the taskbar icons
Arrow keys to rotate furniture
Right mouse button any object with open tinting options

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Submitted by Switchingames
Sponsored by Switchin.net
Played 509 times since 04.27.09
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Game Rating
3.38 Stars, 37 Votes

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its okay
#14 by Mysterygirl13 on 06.27.10
Time games are not fun.
#13 by LEAH on 10.18.09
hey hey hey i love this game its soo fun make ur house and i think ur own person its a good game but its only a 2 star game its not that fun sry but if u wanna play it u cant but hey every body has an opinion
#12 by HandsomeGuy123 on 10.17.09
#11 by Rokzie_ on 10.09.09
Time games not fun.;(
#10 by LEAH on 10.04.09
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