Swords and Sandals

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Unleash the hero within, be the ultimate gladiator!

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Submitted by 3rdsense
Sponsored by 3rdSense.com
Played 182,596 times since 10.04.06
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Game Rating
4.52 Stars, 123 Votes

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Jaime Trop C'est Jeu Oui Mon Cest Tommy Parceque Mon Acompte Marchais PAs Jai pris Celui de mon pere
#75 by ChristianDebien on 06.07.12
Very fun to play!
#74 by Scaper111 on 12.28.11
beat it easy score was 5/5
#73 by Gharg on 11.06.11
Muahaha! I beat 7 fights!
#72 by XpembrokeX on 07.16.11
Soooo hard! 3/5
#71 by XpembrokeX on 07.15.11
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