Swords and Sandals

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#75 by ChristianDebien on 06.07.12
Very fun to play!
#74 by Scaper111 on 12.28.11
beat it easy score was 5/5
#73 by Gharg on 11.06.11
Muahaha! I beat 7 fights!
#72 by XpembrokeX on 07.16.11
Soooo hard! 3/5
#71 by XpembrokeX on 07.15.11
so hard >.<
#70 by PeaceOut on 12.12.10
#69 by Destroyermark12 on 12.04.10
my score is 3/5
#68 by Ryen17 on 12.22.09
hey this game is pretty good u build ur character from bottom to top and i like how u customize him
#67 by Alan0777 on 10.29.09
fun game but i lost and now im mad
#66 by Max578 on 10.11.09
Very good turn based RPG no storyline buts lots of bloodshed it was great!
#65 by TheGuardian on 09.29.09
its cool
#64 by Jabaripulliam on 09.06.09
do u have a aim im 8 years old and have a aim
#63 by Manav1119 on 08.29.09
its ok
#62 by Jabaripulliam on 08.10.09
it's cool
#61 by Rachel on 07.09.09
it is good but it dies quickly
#60 by MOHADSAMIR on 06.27.09
#59 by SouL on 06.21.09
its fuking hard
#58 by GoldenAngel on 06.18.09
the first is beter
#57 by Shane117 on 06.08.09
first ones better
#56 by Monkeylover on 05.12.09
It's a great game borrowed from Zapak. I've reached the 6th champion there, this is really a must for Gamebrew.
#55 by RoyalAvenger on 01.25.09
#54 by FAMILYGUY on 10.26.08
its very addictive bad the graphics are bad compared to my xbox360 elite
#53 by Holycrusader on 10.24.08
its still not better than the first one
#52 by FAMILYGUY on 09.19.08
AHHHHHH the champion watever one is killin me ever time
#51 by Suzy_masr on 09.12.08
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