Tactics 100 Live

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Pq não estou conseguindo jogar online!? Esta serve unavaliable.
#7013 by Ciufffo1983 on 01.04.16
the gods r not pleased there has to be another place to play hey halliwell this game needs live on every search and report back here
#7012 by WARGODD on 04.10.14
Well, without online service, you just ended what should be a great game, pity. So much waste.
#7011 by TheGoodPlayer on 04.05.14
goodplayer your spot on there so much potential and not many people know about it come on lads get the game sorted. hi wargod b good m8
#7010 by Halliwell197 on 03.21.14
has been more than a month since this game do not work, it is a shame, because this game are realy very good
#7009 by Ursul on 03.17.14
Hello. Tactics 100 multiplayer game has a problem. It says "Connecting to server Server unavailable try again later"
#7008 by Tombalak on 02.26.14
This game should be on App store and not just lost in this unknown website, so much damn potential and so little will to push the game forward.
#7007 by TheGoodPlayer on 02.17.14
#7006 by Jojo333 on 02.09.14
Oii !!!!!!!!!
#7005 by Lordvlaew on 02.07.14
Lol No!!
#7004 by ChrisL3119 on 01.21.14
your server sucks ...often due lag or not connect even the are 2 players already
#7003 by Ursul on 01.16.14
goes on for too long and cant be bothered waiting.
#7002 by Muttbum on 01.12.14
#7001 by Spencer88 on 09.27.13
Awsome game its da bomb
#7000 by ChrisL3119 on 07.23.13
This game drive me crazy!!!
#6999 by Besouro on 07.23.13
best game ever
#6998 by Smoov121 on 07.22.13
alright game
#6997 by Darny on 06.14.13
#6996 by ChrisL3119 on 06.07.13
Nice to see a comment here after month! Feels great!
#6995 by TurboAP on 05.20.13
#6994 by WARGODD on 05.19.13
kinda cool
#6993 by ChrisL3119 on 04.29.13
Woah! Gamebrew plays its own games?! How is this possible? I didn't know human technology had developed this much!
#6992 by TurboAP on 04.15.13
If you send me a PM when something goes wrong I'll respond to it quicker, I had no idea the game was down until I went to play it myself
#6991 by Gamebrew on 04.15.13
Oh my GOD!!! Its alive?!?!1 Gamebrew can talk?!!!!!????!!!!??!?!!! Woah! Mindfreak!!!!!!!!!!
#6990 by TurboAP on 04.15.13
thanks gamebrew
#6989 by Halliwell197 on 04.14.13
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