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Original game, use strategy to attack with your characters.

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Played 42,803 times since 11.02.05
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This game is alright, agreed. If you like this game, you'll find the updated and multiplayer version at: www.tacticsarena.com/play It's a great game, and I recommend it to anyone whose into turn-based strategy games - this is at the top of the list.
#26 by ParadoX74 on 01.26.13
Its cool i like it, i like the old Stratagey middle ages games 5/5
#25 by Lesane on 07.09.09
#24 by WILDHOGG on 04.27.09
its pretty good 4/5
#23 by Devildog39 on 03.24.09
it is alllright iiiiii guuuueessssssss
#22 by Tiffanykitten on 12.16.08
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