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Remember those Tamagotchis?

Once you click on this game, a site will come up. Choose high bandwith (cable/DSL) or low bandwith(dial-up).

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Played 112,767 times since 11.29.06
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I had a Music Star(V6) 2 yrs ago as a present... then the batteries are now dead... but I raised mine fo the 6th gen now... Now I got another Tama-go (V7, I think) and it is much,much more fun than the previous really
#26 by Kelly0811 on 06.19.11
suks 1/5
#25 by Firesky on 03.05.10
1/5 booooo
#24 by News228 on 12.31.09
idk ok i guess
#23 by Ryen17 on 12.23.09
my lil sis had one and it was a nightmare when her pet died.....
#22 by GreenDayRox on 06.18.09
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