Tank 2008

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The War of the Tanks has been raging for centuries. Few places have been left untouched by this conflict. You are what's left of a once great civilization and it's up to you to finally settle this war by taking on the remaining rebels and crushing them. You've been given the most technologically advanced tank available, but that may still not be enough to win the war. Good luck soldier, the fate of the galaxy lays in your hands.

All controls can be configured.

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
Sponsored by FreeWorldGroup.com
Played 47,102 times since 01.02.08
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4.41 Stars, 68 Votes

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Very nice.
#36 by Iyonn on 04.18.10
this game is cool
#35 by Emc1001 on 03.16.10
um....why did i play this? -____-
#34 by Tamini on 01.24.10
nice game
#33 by Level769 on 08.04.09
w to go forward a to go left d to go right s to go backward u click to shoot idiot
#32 by Kevin12234 on 08.02.09
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