Tank Battle

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i beat my brother at it like a million times i love it
#15 by Kevin12234 on 08.02.09
awesome 10000/10000
#14 by KING_KILLAX101 on 07.12.09
This is like Artillery only more tactical and isn't as easy. Good game I'd give 4.5 out of 5. So just round to 5 XD
#13 by 5thAdmiral on 02.07.09
to small stupid
#12 by WILDHOGG on 12.29.08
I know this game from totalmotorcycle.com.
#11 by AnthonyRasmussen on 11.22.08
#10 by Omar98 on 07.05.08
its awsome
#9 by Viper_752 on 05.10.08
Too small, i can't see a thing
#8 by Beuwulf-90 on 04.10.08
good game it needs beter terain and a miultiy player 5/5
#7 by Pyro on 03.17.08
the best game ever i love the backgrounds:)
#6 by Elvisking on 03.10.08
great game, needs a multiplayer option
#5 by Loquito on 03.09.08
another game that relys on only violence and its good, see a pattern gamebrew?
#4 by Dark-Vegito on 03.09.08
Yea this game is Total 0wnz4g3
#3 by Drovoxx on 03.09.08
damn tanks. when will they learn that violence is not the answer...oh wait. apparently it is. nvm then
#2 by Hattrik55 on 03.09.08
this is a Kool game I like it.
#1 by SICK on 03.09.08
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