Tank Destroyer

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i love this game 5 out of 5
#14 by Dungeonwarrior on 07.19.10
#13 by Streetpunk22 on 04.03.10
#12 by Tay-tay21998 on 02.28.10
you guys need a real game like this link
#11 by Flashfish on 12.29.09
#10 by News228 on 12.09.09
awesome game D
#9 by Gtasanandreas on 11.26.09
#8 by Mojito_Mint on 11.18.09
#7 by Viperjosh on 11.17.09
best tank game ever other than artillery
#6 by Max578 on 11.08.09

#5 by Someone1 on 11.08.09
its pretty cool
#4 by ChrisQ on 11.06.09
Very cool
#3 by MONEYDOG22 on 11.06.09
Well, your English seems to be almost as good as a real English person's English. We English people frequently misspell words on purpose. Don't we Shresh? Incorrect grammar, use all the time, we do. About the game, it's pretty good.
#2 by Iyonn on 11.04.09
im first player played this game! im not english srry
#1 by Cyber7 on 11.04.09
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