Temp Ninja

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A pixel platforming Flash game with a lot of fun and extremely polished pixel graphics. The game has easy beginner levels, but will slowly increase in difficulty with more challenging levels. Try to unlock all the playable ninja characters and achievements.

Arrows   Move
Space   Jump

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
Sponsored by MaxGames.com
Played 33 times since 07.04.12
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Game Rating
3.67 Stars, 3 Votes

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What are you dude talking about? This is the best game on gamebrew!!!
#3 by TurboAP on 10.04.12
it doesn't show on the side how to do it. that was the tutorial! after a few levels you're on your own.
#2 by Graysongdl on 08.21.12
The game is kinda disappointing. Lame Graphics, Nothing like being a ninja just jumping and walking, and on the side it shows how to do it 1/5
#1 by Scaper111 on 08.04.12
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