Test Your Reaction Time

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A simple game that accurately tests your reaction. Right when the dot changes colour click anywhere on the screen as quickly as possible. Recommended by Victory.

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Played 4,305 times since 08.11.08
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3.95 Stars, 40 Votes

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0.262! kool 4/5
#37 by Mr-win-guy on 01.29.10
i was bad but thats what made it fun
#36 by News228 on 01.23.10
This old man he played one He played nick nack on my gun With a nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone This old came rolling home HAHA!!! silly old man
#35 by Mikester on 12.03.09
0.334 WOW I WOULD LOVE THIS GAME IF it wasnt so slow
#34 by Samanthakoi on 11.24.09
0.0000000003 WOW!!! I'm incredible that wasn't average
#33 by Mikester on 11.20.09
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