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Most people have come to know Tetris through hours of playing on the Game Boy. But the real hero is a one Alexey Pajitnov a Russian genius with too much time on his hands and an affinity with beards. The goals is to fit the pieces in and form lines at the bottom, the game will get faster as you do better.

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Played 664,017 times since 05.08.04
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4.48 Stars, 210 Votes

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Gotta love retos
#102 by Badwolf on 06.09.15
Lol! When i was a kid, i thought we were suppose to make houses from those blocks!
#101 by TurboAP on 10.10.12
Good old Tetris is never boring.
#100 by Soepkip on 07.25.12
Stop cursing.. classic
#99 by Satanichappiness on 03.10.12
its ok, but near as good as the original
#98 by RustyNail on 10.24.10

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