Thermal Room Escape

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In your house, a room is named as thermal room and you got trapped in thermal room itself!! Escape from the thermal room by finding objects and using them accordingly to escape from the room.

Use mouse to play the game.

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Submitted by Games2rule
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Played 41 times since 02.19.10
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3.50 Stars, 4 Votes

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i couldn't get the numbers to go upside down!
#4 by Shelbers1997 on 06.15.10
ha i kept lookin at the hints i beat it's iight.makes you brain blast jimmy neutron like yaa
#3 by -JiPsIc3b10Ck- on 03.30.10
i agree with you
#2 by Ryen17 on 02.27.10
its okay
#1 by Jojo1915 on 02.27.10
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