Thief's Escape

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As a medieval thief, you must dash out of the castle with guards in pursuit, grabbing as much treasure as you can along the way. The castle layout is randomly generated each time you play. Four difficulty levels are available (Easy, Normal, Hard and Infinite), and there are twelve Trophies to earn. Compare your scores against the world rankings online, and compete with your Facebook friends using the Games For The Planet Facebook application. (

W or UP ARROW = Jump
W or UP ARROW (while jumping) = Double-Jump
D or RIGHT ARROW = Move right
A or LEFT ARROW = Move left

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Submitted by Gimme5games
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Played 27 times since 06.13.10
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this game sucks
#2 by DARIEL on 08.24.10
#1 by Abimukesh on 06.26.10
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