Thing Thing 2

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Thing-thing 1 is way better. This is only 2/5
#47 by XpembrokeX on 07.20.11
such a creative title...
#46 by Pudding4ever on 03.23.10
i hate this! Thing Thing 1 is a heck of a lot better!!!!!!!
#45 by RockerRebel90 on 09.13.09
Its great, i like all the thing thing, 5 stars
#44 by Lesane on 07.10.09
i beat every one awesome
#43 by Silverpuppy on 05.18.09
Love it a little!
#42 by Jade23_1 on 05.18.09
i got to the boss
#41 by Wild2k1 on 12.21.08
#40 by Moennet on 11.16.08
this is a freaken rip off
#39 by Bleach98 on 11.16.08
lame crap
#38 by Zomarock on 11.08.08
its lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#37 by DAN432 on 10.18.08
THIS HAME IS LAME!!!!!!!!!!1
#36 by FAMILYGUY on 10.10.08
this game suck
#35 by Coolkid on 10.06.08
this is the best online game EVER!!!!!!
#34 by Shadow4229 on 09.23.08
this game needs to be a bit harder.:)4/5
#33 by PeeWee100 on 09.21.08
it was 2 eesy i 1 witout dying
#32 by Deadman1801 on 09.06.08
this was a stupid game i hated it
#31 by SOCCER_GIRL_10 on 08.14.08
play da serires of thing things 3or4 its awsome warning:thing thing serires are brutal but cool
#30 by Havoc18 on 08.07.08
it's harder than the first, but tha rest r awesome!!!!!!!!!
#29 by OneBoi on 08.02.08
i agree this is very Dumb
#28 by Master-me162 on 08.02.08
this game is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#27 by Taken on 07.11.08
I love this game, great shooting, cool weapons, and the final boss is a great challenge. He didnt even stand a chance with me though. Just playin, anyway its great fun. 5/5
#26 by Tcreavis on 07.11.08
this is dumb
#25 by Jayjay78 on 07.09.08
#24 by Juansevilking10 on 07.09.08
great game
#23 by JC-perrez on 07.09.08
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