Thing Thing 4

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Cooloest game in gamebrew
#64 by TurboAP on 02.21.11
thing ting roles
#63 by Cdog2527 on 11.11.10
sucks 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!
#62 by BoNeS510 on 12.30.09
if it doesnt load for you all you have to do is wait a lil bit
#61 by Alan0777 on 12.02.09
this game is so cool i love how u shoot and the screen shakes lol
#60 by Alan0777 on 10.22.09
#59 by Dirk107 on 09.20.09
awwwwwww that sucks if i dosnt load for u ur messin out
#58 by Michaelflorence2 on 08.05.09
i rlly wannt someone to go on my site so heres my url for the site count think of a name
#57 by Michaelflorence2 on 07.30.09
this game is wet!
#56 by BoNeS510 on 07.06.09
this game go!
#55 by BoNeS510 on 06.07.09
so awsome
#54 by PLAYAnigaz on 04.30.09
da guns r amazing
#53 by PLAYAnigaz on 04.24.09
#52 by Joel7a on 11.29.08
#51 by Lordloss on 11.26.08
this game is awseome!!!!
#50 by Joey09 on 11.20.08
Owie... _._ Its so cool!
#49 by Moennet on 11.16.08
#48 by KaitenRyu on 11.16.08
cooool game
#47 by Zomarock on 11.09.08
its fing asome
#46 by DAN432 on 10.22.08
fcuk ya
#45 by DAN432 on 10.18.08
im cool at this game i killed 800 people
#44 by DAN432 on 10.16.08
it is fukin asome
#43 by Perro99 on 09.27.08
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooooooooooooooooooool 5/5
#42 by Dee18 on 09.25.08
I haven't played it yet lol!
#41 by Moennet on 09.21.08
Freakin Sweet!!!!!!!!!!
#40 by Thekilledclown on 09.10.08
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