Thing Thing Arena 2

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Warning contains cartoon violence! Thing-Thing Arena 2 offers many improvements over the already great original Thing-Thing Arena. This sequel features scrolling levels, more weapons, more (and tougher) enemy types, more game modes, and a practice mode that lets you test out all of the weapons in the game on a helpless dummy! Recommended by Dillyo65 thanks!

ASDW or ARROWS   Move Around
UP While in Air   Double Jump
UP While moving back   Backflip
E   Change Weapons
MOUSE   Aim and Fire
P   Pause

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Sponsored by Diseased Productions
Played 60,541 times since 06.22.08
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#69 by Legobatboy on 04.23.12
nice game realy cool they need to make it for the ps3
#68 by Ss4shadowking on 01.20.12
i even play this at school haha
#67 by RiottimePMP06 on 10.29.10
lol its been a while since ive been on but yeah this game still is good
#66 by Michaelflorence2 on 01.05.10
awsomley awsome
#65 by Someone1 on 09.11.09
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