Thing Thing Arena 3

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Kill your enemies with style!

WASD   Move
SPACE   Pickup Weapon
R   Reload
MOUSE   Aim and Fire

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Played 870 times since 05.25.09
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4.68 Stars, 73 Votes

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awesome game XD
#47 by D3ADP1X3LS on 02.22.12
LMAO fatal wound little toe this game is awesome
#46 by RiottimePMP06 on 11.19.10
Fatal wound lungs man this is a great game!
#45 by Rex1000 on 08.18.10
dus sh*t go han
#44 by Kings on 11.05.09
fatat wound to the head has to hut write well thing thing knows now
#43 by Everaldo1998 on 10.14.09
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