Thing Thing Arena

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Warning contains cartoon violence! No levels or storyline here! Thing-Thing Arena is a frantic and fast-paced game of survival. The objective: To survive for as long as you can while destroying never ending hordes of enemies. Recommended by Dillyo65 thanks!

ASDW   Move Around
E/Q   Weapon Select
P   Pause
W While in Air   Double Jump
MOUSE   Aim and Fire

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Sponsored by Diseased Productions
Played 59,825 times since 06.22.08
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Game Rating
4.48 Stars, 88 Votes

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537 kills on survival, and still going.
#53 by Achilleswashere on 06.19.11
#52 by Bignick on 02.06.11
#51 by Rex1000 on 06.15.10
this game is sweet
#50 by RandySayers22 on 08.13.09
i stink AT THIS GAME i got 23 kills on survival
#49 by Randomlegoguy on 07.27.09
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