Tiny Rumble

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Beat up your opponent in Tiny Rumble! Throw all sorts of items at him until he begs for mercy!!

Light Attack: Space
Medium Attack: right, right, space
Heavy Attack: left, right, space
Light Defense: down, down, space
Medium Defense: down, left, space
Heavy Defense: down, up, space

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Submitted by Box10
Sponsored by Box10.com
Played 76 times since 11.05.09
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2.85 Stars, 13 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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#6 by Shotgun on 06.09.11
It's pretty good
#5 by Zoom-X on 05.01.11
LOL hilarious 3/5
#4 by SexiiCaramel on 11.27.09
haha very funny
#3 by Max578 on 11.24.09
i have't even played it yet and i think its stupid
#2 by Alan0777 on 11.23.09
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