Training Micromonk

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It is a remake of an old pc game I can't even remember the name of.It was made in a week or so.Keep the balance for about twenty minutes, through ten levels of difficulty, trying to reach your zen!But.. pay attention to the turbulent atmosphere of Tibetan mountains.

Use the arrow keys to protect yourself!

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Ehh, good for 3 minutes of entertainment.
#28 by Iyonn on 03.11.10
this is fun
#27 by WILDHOGG on 12.31.08
no one used 2 visit dis place
#26 by Potato-monsta on 07.30.08
this game is COOOOOOOOL!
#25 by Rockxi11 on 07.22.08
the chipmunk is cute but if he go to heaven he's funny
#24 by Maxplayer on 06.21.08
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