Tribal Jump

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Played 1,413 times since 10.02.06
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2.27 Stars, 15 Votes

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#6 by Ryen17 on 12.23.09
sucks 1/5
#5 by Shotgun on 08.04.09
It's ok. Requires a bit of dumbness in your head because its too easy i get overconfident and fall when I have,like,5,000 points or something. Ok graphics, Annoying music, unoriginal gameplay, and pointless concept make this...... 2/5!!
#4 by Drovoxx on 03.28.08
i killed an innocent indian. wwwwaaaaahhhhh!!! lolits ok. not the greatest
#3 by Hattrik55 on 03.25.08
boring a hell
#2 by Irishrocker12 on 03.05.08
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