Turkey Bowl

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Celebrate Thanksgiving by mowing down a few turkeys with your apple harvest. A first person target shoot with perspective and depth, and 3D rendered graphics.Have fun.

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Played 1,854 times since 01.02.08
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i good at that game
#10 by Synnic on 05.29.08
to easy, too many turkeys to look at. this game reminds me of snes simpson game, were you throw tomatos at the characters. not bad for young kids.
#9 by FreeWill on 05.24.08
IT's too ez
#8 by XslayerX on 05.23.08
A turkey game just doesn't make sense..in the summer.
#7 by McLovin on 05.23.08
Its ok cuz i found this game on a different site i made a GAME gambrew if you want it PM me
#6 by Monkeytyler7 on 05.23.08
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