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Try survive a relentless onslaught of deadly attack submarines in this faithful refit of a retro classic. Assume control of a destroyer located at the top of the screen with submarines passing beneath it. The destroyer can deploy up to six depth charges at a time in an attempt to sink the submarines below. The submarines are able to release various mines which float up to the surface hampering the destroyer's progress. The player has 90 seconds to sink as many submarines as possible but can earn time bonuses by reaching the overtime target scores.

MOUSE: Move Left and Right to move the boat. Left click in front of or behind the boat to drop depth charges.
KEYBOARD: Left and Right arrow keys to move the boat. Z and X to drop depth charges fore and aft.

P - pause
Escape - return to main menu

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Submitted by Gimme5games
Sponsored by Gimme5games
Played 109 times since 03.11.10
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3.59 Stars, 17 Votes

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Has potential but needs work
#5 by Manteno on 09.28.10
dumb 3 out of 5
#4 by Dungeonwarrior on 07.23.10
half lame half alright
#3 by RockstarPrincess on 04.01.10
Nice, but does get stupid.
#2 by Iyonn on 03.17.10
kinda stupid
#1 by Ryen17 on 03.14.10
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