Ultimate Flash Sonic

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#137 by Muttbum on 07.10.14
Awesome game!!!
#136 by Fungames on 07.03.13
Awesome Game!
#135 by SonicUnleashed on 10.06.11
nice game
#134 by Timx14 on 08.31.11
Nice game.
#133 by Haz00 on 07.31.11
Awesome game!Love it.
#132 by Girlloverabbit on 10.31.10
awesome game
#131 by Moonylupin22 on 06.23.10
hey theres a guy named jay and hes killing people because he got hit by a car and killed the car driver in his room
#130 by 342stanly on 03.29.10
Not the best please check out my review on "Sonic The Headgehog" I would have to say that one is by far the best revision and flash version of Sonic on this site. This game gets a 1/5.
#129 by TheGuardian on 10.11.09
#128 by I_like_pie on 09.13.09
#127 by Hideydog on 09.05.09
i love it
#126 by Aj456 on 08.26.09
#125 by Iyonn on 08.23.09
This game is awesome!
#124 by Tger1 on 08.04.09
ii LOV3 DiiS GAM3 iiS DA B3ST GAM3 3V3R :D
#123 by LiiL-MAMii on 08.02.09
the original is better but its good
#122 by Awsome_and_cute on 06.18.09
pretty fun
#121 by Bernard on 06.16.09
Run sonic run!
#120 by Nintendo_4_Ever on 06.15.09
its good original is better
#119 by Shane117 on 06.15.09
good game
#118 by RiottimePMP06 on 06.05.09
this game is the best ever
#117 by Baraka246 on 05.28.09
ausome game!!
#116 by RunsWithScissors on 04.08.09
love it
#115 by Killer50000 on 03.27.09
This game is the best sonic game INVENTED!
#114 by Tger1 on 03.19.09
This game is sooo awesome!!!!!!!!! (best sonic game ever!)
#113 by Inucrazy101 on 02.23.09
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