Untangle Deluxe

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Untangle is a fun and high quality puzzle game, with superb graphics and 48 levels which result in many hours of great gameplay.

Untangle the mess by moving the pegs around until no lines cross each other.

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Submitted by Kristoffer
Sponsored by Nonoba.com
Played 61 times since 09.24.09
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Game Rating
3.07 Stars, 15 Votes

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#8 by Ayung on 03.14.10
lvl 4 iz hard but after dat evrything else iz easy
#7 by Filcaj-rulz on 02.05.10
it's alright
#6 by Ryen17 on 01.06.10
level 7 is hard
#5 by Jenni_girl on 11.21.09
kinda hard
#4 by Jenni_girl on 10.27.09
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