Vampire Physics

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A unique physics-based game where your goal is to turn the humans into vampires. Watch out for priests, garlic, rival vampires and other obstacles.

Use the mouse to play.

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 73 times since 06.23.11
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3.09 Stars, 11 Votes

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I know, right??
#7 by CuteyLol1 on 09.04.11
hehehe this is so cute. Love the werewolf idea.
#6 by ZeldaGamer1 on 09.02.11
Lol. What a funny game. And so easy.
#5 by CuteyLol1 on 08.22.11
Lol wow
#4 by Kit_Kat on 08.05.11
#3 by Ozzy17 on 07.14.11
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