Vault Assault

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The Vault lies ready to be assaulted! What is the Vault? It is a dangerous place filled with the skeletons of dead heroes. If you dare to descend into it's depths, and brave the reanimated skeletons, you will reap untold riches. Can you survive? You are a sorceress entering a dungeon full of living skeletons. These former comrades-in-arms are now doomed to roam around down there. You are going to bring them eternal peace, and if you can earn something by doing so, that's a welcome bonus. Fight the monsters, buy new things and obtain the highest score!

Use "Z" to defend. Use "X" for a sweeping attack. Use "C" for a direct attack. Use the keyboard arrows to move around, jump and crouch. Use the keyboard arrows +z to teleport a short distance to left or right.

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Submitted by Mdam
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Played 119 times since 09.25.09
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omg lammme
#10 by Nyci on 10.09.10
Not bad..
#9 by Twexx on 07.07.10
this game gets boring when you buy everything and hav nothing but health left...its ok but realy lame
#8 by Filcaj-rulz on 10.12.09
Ultra lame....
#7 by Iyonn on 10.03.09
4/5i did like it but i didt so.....
#6 by RiottimePMP06 on 10.03.09
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