Wack O Wack

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Earn points by whacking all of the politicians. Use the mouse to move the mallet and click to whack!

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Played 135 times since 01.02.08
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2.57 Stars, 21 Votes

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holy S*#t that sucked get rid of it theres no point in it i would rate It 0/5 but i cant so 1/5 god its stupid uhg.
#12 by Firesky on 01.27.11
#11 by Bernard on 07.19.09
1/5 this sucks
#10 by I_like_pie on 01.22.09
This sucks 1/5
#9 by El-NeNe on 11.11.08
Okay it was to short and it did suck 1/5
#8 by Google on 10.29.08
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