The Waittress

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Your job is to wait tables. Get orders and serve the customers, but don't get them mad at you.

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Sponsored by Dmitry Zheltobriukhov
Played 98,885 times since 10.12.05
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4.37 Stars, 152 Votes

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lol... not bad a guess xP bleh
#95 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
I like this game!!! 5 star for it!!!
#94 by The_NiGhTmArEsT on 07.05.10
coolgame loveit
#93 by Coolgye35 on 02.11.10
awesome addicting
#92 by Threattchan on 09.15.09
#91 by Reaper911 on 08.23.09
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