Whack A Mole

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hate it too easy >:(
#55 by Demon_Monster on 08.13.08
hate hate hate it
#54 by Master-me162 on 08.09.08
i use to have 47. man but that was lonmgtime ago
#53 by SergioC on 08.08.08
I'm bad at it, haha.
#52 by Vanity on 08.05.08
Kinda fun
#51 by Kat_eyez01 on 08.02.08
I love it
#50 by Zippy on 07.23.08
i hate it so much
#49 by Sexy2pac on 07.20.08
im lovin it!
#48 by Texter on 07.16.08
can only get 35 lol but i like it
#47 by SexiiCaramel on 07.08.08
but i lov it
#46 by Hand-some on 07.01.08
boring 4 adults.good 4 kids
#45 by Sweetlolita on 06.29.08
cool im good at it
#44 by Zippy on 06.29.08
i HATE it
#43 by Rayrayredgirl100 on 06.26.08
#42 by Josiegal on 06.21.08
I hit the mole and it didn't even count 2/5
#41 by ClassySweetSassy on 06.17.08
this game is okay but to fast
#40 by Tyra72 on 06.14.08
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard 3/5
#39 by Redrain on 06.14.08
fun game
#38 by FreeWill on 06.10.08
kool game i got disy but its ok
#37 by GabrielaX1 on 05.29.08
my mouse was messen me up
#36 by Staicabirdstacia on 05.24.08
#35 by 2dutch3 on 05.18.08
wow theyre hard to hit
#34 by Sexy_Jared on 05.10.08
fun like real life
#33 by 55Simon on 05.09.08
good u45
#32 by Steven097135 on 05.07.08
lol wow this game is strangely addictive. Damn you dirty moles!! Go whack yourselves!
#31 by McLovin on 05.04.08
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