Yan Loong Legend 1

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An exciting fighting game with RPG elements, you can find combo books in some secret door, you should push up button to enter the secret door.

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Played 253 times since 04.19.09
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4.00 Stars, 40 Votes

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almost as good as the 2nd one 5 out of 5
#19 by Dungeonwarrior on 07.25.10
this game is awsome
#18 by Bow_down_to_me66 on 06.02.10
i love this game 10/10
#17 by KingJesse2 on 10.20.09
its nice 5/5
#16 by Ash_ash on 09.04.09
okay cool
#15 by Lejay on 09.03.09
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