Zelda: Link's Awakening

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This is the actual game! You go on a personal voyage far away from home. During a dark storm, your ship is destroyed by a blast of lightning, and you fall unconscious. This was created with an Emulator by David Winchurch not Gamebrew!

Click inside the game first. Sorry there are no sound effects for this game.

←↑→↓   Move
ENTER   Start
SHIFT   Select
Z   Button 1
X   Button 2
+   Slower
-   Faster

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Sponsored by Nintendo (Emulator by David Winchurch)
Played 159,661 times since 11.09.03
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Game Rating
4.43 Stars, 168 Votes

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save plsss
#82 by NeoLander on 02.18.12
how in the world do you save???
#81 by Zaw99 on 09.28.11
AWESOME!!!!!!The only non-fan made game on the site!
#80 by Mariopwnzsonicxp on 12.20.10
great and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#79 by Wildball on 11.24.10
Great Game! I cant get it to save, though...
#78 by Samsfilms on 09.02.09
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