Casino games available on GameBrew

GameBrew has some of the best free to play casino games available on its site. Whether you're wanting to practice BlackJack or just spin the Roulette wheel, there's plenty of options available on our site. It's important to note however that GameBrew isn't a casino itself, and we also don't have any options for gambling with money on our site. All the casino games we host are purely for fun and won't cost you a penny to play.

Casino games have been around for thousands of years, with the first recorded instances of gambling taking place 4300 years ago in China. Many of the most popular games we play in casinos today are much more recent, but some do have ancient origins. Blackjack for instance has been played for at least four hundred years. The first reference to the game appeared to the book that is widely considered to be the first modern novel, Don Quixote.

Why not go play one of the many free online blackjack games on our site now? You can decide if you want to stand, split, double down or hit at any time. Some of our blackjack games have slightly different game play to each other, while others are simply classic blackjack with different computer graphics. They're all free to play, but of course you won't win anything more than a few minutes of fun playing.

Another card game that's become increasingly popular in the last few decades is Poker. GameBrew has multiple poker games available on our website, some following different game models from standard poker to Texas Hold Em. Poker has been around since at least the early 19th century when it was popular on Mississippi river boats which helped spread the game across the USA. Good game Poker is one of the best poker games added to our site.

Of course gambling has never been limited to games played with cards. Other popular varieties have included dice games. Sadly many dice games don't translate well into online play as much of the fun involved comes from the perception that your shake of the dice can have some influence over the outcome. Online all you can do is click a button for the dice to roll.

More recent inventions in gambling have included gambling machines. Slot machines were one of the earliest examples of machines being used for gambling purposes. Slots have also provided one of the most popular and addictive of all casino games. You can find out more about slot machines if you click here.

Roulette however has become popular online. The graphics involved in the spinning roulette wheels are often highly realistic giving a distinct impression that you're actually standing in a casino playing in real life. Online games of roulette are also a great way to figure out if you are playing in a way that is maximising your potential returns from the game, or if you'll lose all your money in record time. As there's no actual gambling on the games on our site you don't need to worry about losing money when trying new strategies.

Of course some of you might be wanting to actually play for real money. While we can't offer this some other sites can. If it's legal for you to play depends on which country you are in and your age. Generally most countries ban gambling for those who are under 18, and some ban it for those older or indeed everyone. If you are located in the United States most online gambling sites won't accept your money, however if you live in many other countries you can play online. For instances Kiwis can play at New-Zealand. If you need to find a play to play for real in your country typically the best way is to simply search for the game you want to play.

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