Gamebrew Guide

If you are having trouble please look here for help!
Player Points

Player points are given to players who participate in Gamebrew, it's easy and free to get points. You can get on the "Top Players" list with more points. Here are a few ways to gain points:

1 PointJust visit Gamebrew once per day!
1 PointPlay a game you have not played before
2 PointsRate a game 1 to 5 stars
3 PointsSomeone has set you as a friend
5 PointsWrite a serious review for a game
10 PointsInvite a friend who joins Gamebrew verified (see below)
15 PointsFor developers who upload a new approved game
30 PointsFind a bug on our website and contact us about it!
- 3 PointsSomeone has set you as blocked
- 5 PointsWrite an offensive or abusive review for a game
Private Messages

As a member you will be able to send private message to your friends. But the number you can send is based on your player points divided by 10. You will be notiied of private messages every day by email. In your profile you can check off whether you want strangers to email you. You can also block people who are sending annoying or harrassing private messages by going to their profile and click on "Block and Mute". Only up to 18 pages of private messages are saved.
Email Abuse and Blocking

If you are receiving invitation emails from Gamebrew you can disable it by going to our email block page or the link in the email.If you are still receiving problems please contact us with details about your problem. As a precaution invitation emails can only be sent 3 times per day to the same address. To send an invitation email click on a game's SHARE link.
Blog Entries

Blogs are a public diary of your thoughts. What happened to you today? What are your interests? Let your friends know what's happening around you. Anyone can subscribe to your blog for their inbox. There is currently no limit to blog entries, except that you can only enter 3 per day. Why not start writing in your own blog today!
Friendship Status

Friendship is the key to the Gamebrew community. It determines who is able to talk and see your contact information. But your email is never shown no matter what. Here is a breakdown:
  1. A friend is someone you set as a friend even though they not set you as a friend
  2. A fan is someone who set you as a friend but you did not set them as a friend.
  3. A block is someone you don't ever want to hear from, someone who bothers you.
  4. A blocker is someone who has blocked you, they probably find you annoying.
Trashing Games

To send a game to the trash bin, it must be over 7 days since its release date, it must have atleast 3 votes and the rating must be 2 or less stars. Don't like some of these games? Contribute to the community and send them to the trash bin!
About Game Ratings

A game is considered rated once it gets 3 or more votes. If it gets 3 or more votes with an average of 2 or less stars after 7 days of release it will be thrown in the trash. If you add the game as a favorite and have not voted yet that game will automatically get 5 stars from you unless you change it. Please vote today!
Emoticons Beta

Add some emotion to all your message, we can add more but here are the basic things you can do with your simple messages! These were chosen because they would be used naturally when typing anyway and if I decided to taken them out (processing power) it would still be readable. Remember if you put these symbols next to anything it won't work, put spaces around them.

XOXOHearts or Love
;)Smile Wink
;>Grin Wink
;DHappy Wink
:|Neutral or Annoyed
http://www.gamebrew.comAn outside web page link
[email protected]Email link never put this on PUBLIC PAGES NEVER!
*BOLD*Bold text "BOLD"
_ITALICS_Italics text "ITALICS"
Invite Friends / Email Referrals

We want you to spread the word about Gamebrew, so this is the list of the people who clicked your link to play a game you liked. When they play through your link and they sign up and verify their email within 90 days they automatically become your friend and you get some points! To send a referral email pick any game you like, click SHARE and type in emails of your friends, it's easy!

Deleting Your Account

To cancel your account just stop using it! So basically just never login if you want to cancel your account. You can also delete your account here, but your email can never be used with us again. You can safely keep your account open for up to a year.

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