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Mario Poker113K plays

Solitaire93K plays

Zodiac Slots34K plays

Pirates Slots32K plays

Speed29K plays

Roulette 200024K plays

Poker Machine24K plays

Blackjack19K plays

Craps18K plays

Free Cell15K plays

Patience13K plays

Flash Poker12K plays

Halloween11K plays

Slots9K plays

Aces High8K plays

Roulette7K plays

Blackjohn6K plays

Black Jack6K plays

Thwart Poker6K plays

Safe Cracker5K plays

Klondike2K plays

888 Roulette1K plays

Doof Mahjong373 plays

I 21327 plays

Klaverjassen179 plays

Wichita Faro112 plays

ICards109 plays

Jacks92 plays

IPairs80 plays

Lucky Pandas69 plays

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