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F*ck you faggot
#523 by JoeyIsTheAnswer said 5 years ago
Heeey guyys !
#522 by PrObLeM_kId said 8 years ago
YES! Go back to him! He loves you with all of his heart!
#521 by Saru-bushi said 8 years ago
Come back to my arms!
#520 by DeStRoY-EvRyTiNg said 8 years ago
I'm good. I have been trying to finish highschool. and then off to Japan.
#519 by Saru-bushi said 8 years ago

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Arthur comes back just to talk more trash on the internet cause that's as good as he gets, that's why he says "Macho act" there is no macho act it's words your taking it that deep man you have some serioussss issues no one likes you. And don't call me kid when you just hit puberty scrub.
for Chat Live on 09.16.11
Your the only saying that Ryan keeps getting on my account Sadik grow up.. get a life.. stop crying no ones on my account but me you little girl.
for Chat Live on 08.30.10
Your stupid.. Cain and Abel? Your retarded that's an IP sniffer and can't reveal passwords without ISQ connection points which YOU CANT GET. You didn't hack her. she gave you her pass she told me. Your nothing but a fake. Go get a life kid.
for Chat Live on 08.19.10
Joey your accounts are now going to be disabled for forging a picture, it's a shame how much a girl you are you know that you pathetic waste of life. That just because I boot you for having multiple accounts you take a conversation and edit it? Your sad kid. just wait till I see you kid.
for Chat Live on 07.13.10
And I'm the one with no life? When you can't drop a little argument you have to flip like a girl on her period? Will you stfu and leave like we all want you to kid, go blow up someones house or something dude no one cares about you.
for Chat Live on 11.19.09
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